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pc computer software (dell latitude e7430) craigslist mailer 1702 42 pc computer software (dell latitude e7430) Hello.I have a Dell Latitude E7430 with a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. My old computer is acting up, and I want to upgrade it to a new one. I found this computer on Craigs List. I'm looking for a motherboard and processor. I want one that will work with both XP and 7, but not really Windows Vista. I'm a bit of a noob to computers, so sorry if this is stupid question, but I'm struggling to find any information about the compatibility of the computer and software. I'm more concerned with the computer's hardware and software, so any general recommendation on motherboards and processors is good. I'd love some recommendations for motherboards, but mostly processors. The hardware in my computer are the HD, optical drive, and mouse. All I can recommend in this case is putting down your hard earned money for a new motherboard and processor and then setting it up as dual boot. The one bad side to this is the cost of the two, but all you really have to do is rip out the other hard drive and make a spare on a second disk, then just run a boot up disk to install XP or 7. So in short, go for a motherboard and processor of your choice, remove the other drive and install a different one, then run the XP or 7 installer, make your choice and bam you are up and running. thanks very much for your response. That sounds like a great solution to me. I found the same computer and I'm going to pick it up today. I've got dual monitors, a docking station, and I don't plan on adding any more hardware. My question is what should I get for a processor? I'd love to get one with a Q6600, but if that won't fit, then I'll probably have to settle for an i3 or i5. Caught a deal on a LGA775 mother board from Newegg today. I think I'll just get the whole thing and use it as a computer at work, and the spare for my home computer. I don't really need much power for my home computer. I currently have an AMD FX-6300 processor with a 650w power supply and that does everything I need it to do. I just want



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